Keratin Safer than Rebonding

5 reasons why Keratin is safer than Rebonding: Safer Hair Treatments 2023 [Scientifically Proven]

It is important to know why Hair Keratin is safer than Hair Rebonding because it directly concerns the health and well-being of individuals who are considering these hair treatment options. Both these treatments  are popular methods for transforming and straightening hair, but they have different chemical compositions and application processes, which can affect the safety and potential risks associated with each of them.

Safer treatments can reduce the risk of hair damage, breakage, or hair loss, which are common concerns with hair treatments.

Knowing which treatment is safer can help individuals avoid exposure to harsh chemicals that may cause scalp irritation, allergies, or other health issues.

It also helps individuals weigh the costs associated with potential hair damage or maintenance against the initial treatment costs. Safer treatments may require less subsequent care and repair, making them more cost-effective in the long run.

Why Keratin is Safer than Rebonding

1. Chemical composition:

 In hair keratin treatment, a protein-based formula is used that mimics the natural keratin found in hair

Whereas, hair rebonding involves using harsh chemicals which are strong alkaline solutions that can damage the hair’s structure over time.

2. Reduced maintenance:

 With keratin, the hair becomes more manageable, requiring less styling effort but hair rebonding may require regular touch-ups to maintain the straightened look, leading to increased maintenance costs and potential damage.

3. Thermal Damage:

Hair rebonding involves the use of high heat to alter the hair’s structure, making it straight. Excessive heat can lead to thermal damage, as reported in studies in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Keratin treatment on the other hand, usually involves lower heat setting when applied correctly which reduces the risk of thermal damage.

 4. Shorter application time:

The duration of getting Keratin done is generally faster compared to Rebonding, which can take several hours to complete. The reduced exposure time to chemicals can be beneficial for the overall health of your hair.

5. Compatibility with colored and chemically treated hair:

Hair Keratin is typically safe to use on hair that has been previously colored or chemically treated,

In contrast to, Hair Rebonding which damages the hair further and makes it very frizzy. It also leads to breakage of hair and hair knots. This is why Keratin is a more versatile option for those who wish to maintain their hair color while enjoying the benefits of a straightening treatment.

In conclusion, it is evident that hair keratin stands out as the best and safer choice compared to hair rebonding.

The numerous advantages  of keratin treatment mentioned above highlight its ability to enhance hair health and appearance while minimizing potential risks.

Choosing hair keratin over hair rebonding can lead to beautiful results, revitalizing the hair while safeguarding its long-term health and integrity.

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